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To discourage litigation, we seek agreement by knowing the law and by getting to know the other parties involved.  Not every case results in a settlement.  However, many settlement opportunities are lost because parties do not speak to each other with courtesy and because parties do not listen to each other with open minds.  Practicing law with kindness is not new, but practicing law with kindness is the path towards less time wasted and more agreements reached, less fees spent, and greater returns.

Communication is Key

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One of our clients recently told us, “Everyone should be treated with kindness.  And I can tell you, it shows in how both you and Tracy interact with others.”   President Lincoln tells us that this approach is not new.  At Demerle Hoeger, we take Lincoln’s words to heart and put them into practice.

The vast majority of civil lawsuits, between 95 and 97 percent, settle. However, many lawsuits start -- and go on -- for reasons other than fact-finding. From emotions and unreasonable expectations to refusing to talk with the other side and wanting to "talk to the judge," people -- particularly pro se parties -- can drive up the cost and time of litigation because they seek vindication.
At Demerle Hoeger, we are always thinking resolution. And getting to resolution requires more than writing up a settlement agreement and pushing "send" on an email. Resolution involves communication -- i.e., discussing the merits of the case, talking about what each party wants, speaking respectfully, listening, and always, always being kind.
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